Some of those who participated in the 2017 GPA Picnic.


GPA at Human Rights Day celebrations in BC, Canada, with Senator Mobina Jaffer


‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE’ SURREY FESTIVAL (Celebration of the International Day of Peace, 2016)

GPA November 2016 Board meeting

Global Peace Alliance Surrey Society (GPA) at the ‘Volunteering and Beyond’ event in Surrey, BC


IGNITE 2016 : Informed and Caring People Can Change the World. (Dr. R.B. Herath addressing High School students)


International Day of Peace 2015

GPA reaching out into the community

GPA World Cafe Style Discussions

Group discussions at the inaugural session

NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE YOUR ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS for the 2017 peace-themed artwork contests, Give Peace a Chance’ (GPAC) Program, Global Peace Alliance Surrey Society (GPA)



   • Poetry, story, drawing, and painting contests for children, youth, and adults. Story submissions must have less than 500 words. No word count for poetry submissions. Minimum size for drawings and paintings is 8”X11”. They must be hand-drawn, sketched or painted on paper or cardboard. All submissions must have a theme of love & compassion, friendship, social justice and peace.


   • Literary (prose and/or poetry) contests for adults. Submissions for these contests must relate to any one or more of the existing conflicts in the world and ponder on possible ways to bring peace to all those involved. All prose submissions must have less than 1,500 words. No word count for poetry submissions.


All poetry and prose (stories included) submissions can be made by email to Other submissions can be either hand-delivered or mailed to GPA Office: Global Peace Alliance Surrey Society, #301 - 8972 Fleetwood Way, Surrey BC V3R 0T5 CANADA.


The deadline for the submissions is August 15th, 2017. All submissions received afterwards will be considered for the same contests next year: ‘Give Peace a Chance’ Program is an ongoing program that will continue over the years. If you have any questions or like to get more information about any of these contests, please call 604.583.6767 or send an email to


Everyone making a submission will be issued a certificate of participation and every winner in each artwork category in each age group will be publicly awarded a cash prize and/or a trophy at the ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (GPEAC) Festival to be held at the end of the year.


NOW is the time to start preparing your artwork submission for 2017 contests!


Together We Can Achieve Lasting Peace


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Anglo-Irish Philosopher Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein (1870-1955)




If we choose to simply look on and do nothing, one or more of the existing or future major conflicts could trigger WWIII at an opportune time – just as how some isolated battles started WWI and WWII. These two past wars were fought with conventional weapons (except for Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing) and claimed 15 million and 65 million, respectively. The odds are that if WWIII breaks out it will be fought with nuclear weapons and could offer us the prospects of getting back to the Stone Age or even the fate of the dinosaurs.


"“In view of the fact that in any future world war nuclear weapons will certainly be employed, and that such weapons threaten the continued existence of mankind,.."

- The Russell-Einstein Manifesto,1955

"The accelerating spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear know-how and nuclear material has brought us to a nuclear tipping point."

- Cold War Warriors George Shultz, Henrey Kissinger, William Perry & Sam Nunn,2008





Can the existing global checks and balances effectively meet the above challenges to global peace? This is a question we all should be asking ourselves. The answer to this question seems to be a chilling NO. Past and present critical failures clearly testify to this. Inability to find lasting solutions to a number of old conflicts that pose significant threats to world peace, non-compliance with critical resolutions adopted by the UN by some of its member states, failure to prevent genocides such as the ones in Rwanda, Darfur, and Srebrenica, inability to prevent unilateral global policing by powerful nations, and continuing nuclear proliferation are only a few of these failures. The future we now see for our progenies is one of worsening conflicts, continuing growth and distribution of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, and further buildup of world tension.


Given the situation, people everywhere need to unite to prevent the unthinkable happening and to establish lasting peace on Earth.


Peace Reflections


  • May everyone care for the needs of others and share what is available in an equitable manner.
  • May no one take vengeance for past wrongs of others.
  • May everyone always act responsibly in a trustworthy and reliable manner.
  • May everyone appreciate the wellbeing and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own – irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, language, culture, and ideology.

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Important timely Message from Global Peace Alliance


2017 Arts & Literary Contests

Don’t be late to make your submission. Deadline is Aug 15, 2017. Prizes & trophies waiting for you!


‘Give Peace a chance’ festival on Oct 7 with lots of fun for all ages. Expect more details soon !

R.B.’s Speech at Human Rights Expo 2016

Dr. R.B. Herath speaking at HUMAN RIGHTS EXPO 2016, BC, CANADA. To watch video CLICK HERE


You can now watch our Sept. 24th event 2016 ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE’ (GPAC) FESTIVAL VIDEO by CLICKING HERE


"INFORMED, CARING PEOPLE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD"- Dr. R.B. HERATH, GPA PRESIDENT. Click on the link below to listen to his full speech.

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