GPA needs donations for implementing its Action Plan discussed elsewhere in this website under  ‘WHAT WE DO’. This Action Plan is unique due to two main reasons:

  • It includes a novel two-fold approach to prevention of wars by addressing the primary causes and conditions that produce them and by further strengthening of the global checks and balances – in place of present strategies pivoting on ‘balance of power’.
  • At the same time, it also takes the global peace mission far beyond the mere prevention of wars at the worst of times to lasting peace on Earth with a New Beginning for humankind. This will make the world trust on the power of reason, instead of the reason of power.

 GPA proposes specific measures under its Action Plan to empower people and their educational, cultural and other grassroots networks everywhere to take the centre-stage in building and sustaining a culture of peace for generations to come – accomplishing its declared mission. These measures include regular workshops and seminars, peace exhibitions, political lobbying, school curriculums, newsletters, testimonies of atomic bomb survivors, commemoration in the memory of victims of genocide, media interviews, public presentations, individual and group peace reflections, social media and much, much more.

GPA is also blessed with a team of highly educated and experienced management team that can be given the responsibility for proper implementation of all these measures. Everyone in this team is fully committed to the PGA cause, and is looking forward to completing the GPA projects they undertake on both time and budget.

GPA depends on individual and corporate donations to accomplish its mission. The more donations it receives, the more progress it could make in completing the tasks it undertakes. Every donation, small or big will help make things happen.

Who should donate?

Any person or organization that believes in the GPA cause can make a donation.

How can one donate?

ONLINE – Click on the

and enter the amount you wish to donate. After that you will be required to provide the additional information that is required to complete the online donation process.

BY CHEQUE –  Mail a cheque or an International/Canadian Money Order to:GLOBAL PEACE ALLIANCE, P.O. Box 73119, Evergreen RPO, Surrey BC V3R 0J2 CANADA

Your generous donation will go towards the GPA efforts meant to bring about a world of relief, resilience and lasting peace for generations to come.

Every donor will be duly recognized in the GPA Donor Recognition Program to one’s satisfaction.