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We strongly encourage everyone to join the GPA as a member. At the same time, we also want to hear your Peace Stories. This is an opportunity for you to tell the world about peace-building activities you are / were doing as an individual or a member of a group or an organization. Your Peace Story / Stories could inspire and encourage many others out there to work for peace wherever they live.

Your peace stories could typically describe peace-building activities within families, schools, neighborhoods, communities or countries. Specific details that go into such a story could typically include specific issues or problems addressed (e.g. injustices, poverty, ethnic / cultural / religious divisions, ..), actions taken to address them, and the results achieved or expected. You can submit your stories in prose or verse, subject to a maximum word count of 1000. Some related photographs and links to audio and video material could also be included, if you so wish.

Please enter your Peace Story below and submit.

Please also note that the stories submitted may be moderated but not edited. Thank you.