Global Peace Alliance BC presents “Shaping Peace Together” Festival 2020

Hello, my name is Niovi Patsicakis. I am the president of Global Peace Alliance. Welcome to our fifth annual peace festival commemorating the International day of peace and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

We would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is the traditional and unseeded territory of coast Salish people specifically the Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo and Tsawwassen first nations. We thank them for allowing us to work, and live here. We continue to advocate for their needs and for true reconciliation.

Our board and members wish you to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Let’s keep up our spirits even though we see a troubled world, rising conflict, war, massive migration and environmental disasters. Let’s remain positive and use our voices to oppose growing self-interest, corporate domination and dictatorships. let’s Try to ensure that Canada does not interfere in the democratic decisions of other countries but maintains its neutrality and focus on doing what we do best as peace keepers and diplomatic negotiators.

We need to support our brothers and sisters rising to demand better, risking their lives for equality, anti-racism and basic human rights both here at home and in many struggling poorer nations. we are, a nation of immigrants with the exception of Canada’s First Nations so let’s remain open and welcome to others.

Our chosen leaders need to make social and economic improvements at home but also continue to invest and support the work of the United Nations. Much has changed for the better since it’s inception 75 years ago. We had no major world wars, there are more democratic countries now than before and we can bring justice through UN courts. Much needed humanitarian and peace keeping assistance is continuing. The United Nations sustainable Development goals such as overcoming poverty, hunger ,improving health, education, providing clean water, affordable clean energy, decent work and economic growth must be met with the help of prosperous countries if we want a better world for all.

Peace is not just a word it is in our every day actions. We must eradicate racial, sexual and religious discrimination and speak out whenever we see it. We must focus on climate action and protect and heal our environment for the sake of our children and our children’s children. We still have time and the capability to do so on a global scale with nations coming together.

We can move towards peace and by demanding divestment from fossil fuels, the sale of guns, tanks, military fighter jets and nuclear arms.  If powerful nations like the United States and Canada stopped their Military spending And diverted those funds, It would eradicate hunger across the world.

Covid has shown us  that a disease does not discriminate affecting young and old, rich or poor, all races. It has also shown us that humans are inherently good and care for each other and in times of need help one another. We must hold on to the kindness that we see every day in our neighborhoods, continue to honour the sacrifices made by our essential workers and look patiently towards brighter Worry free days around the corner. It is with those human traits of empathy, cooperation and love that a world without conflict can exist. We hope you will think about and learn more about these issues at our festival as well as enjoy our cultural diversity and the wonderful array of young and old performing artists and speakers. Thank you for joining us.


Are you passionate about the topics World Peace, Diversity and Equality?


Global Peace Alliance BC presents “Shaping Peace Together” Festival 2020

Global Peace Alliance welcomes you to a free virtual festival, “Shaping Peace Together,” bringing over 30 peace speakers, poets, youth leaders, activists and multicultural dance/song performances. Let’s celebrate diversity and discuss the issues of social justice, human rights and climate change and more. We hope you too will be inspired by the resiliency, compassion and action we see during this epic pandemic.

Our mission is to empower people and their educational, cultural and other grassroots networks everywhere to build and sustain a culture of peace for generations to come.

Day 1

  • Niovi Patsicakis, President’s Message
  • United Nations 75th Anniversary
  • Trenton Pierre, Katzie First Nations, Motivational speaker and his Art
  • Taz Khandwani Political Activist, Human Rights and Peace
  • Vietnamese Conical Peace Dance, The Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Society (SEACHS)
  • Nobel Peace Prize, World Health Organization
  • Seth Klein, Author of “A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency”, founder CCPA, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Nina Rihal “Remove Barriers and Let’s Meet Together” Dance
  • Chinese Community and its Contributions to BC, Mike Zhou
  • DD Dance Academy: The Fair Ladies, a Chinese classical dance
  • Noor Fadel, The world I miss; Poetry/Video
  • Hip Hop Dance by  Princess Margaret Hip Hop Alumni Ariel & Sania


Day 2

  • Welcome Back, Trenton Pierre, Katzie First Nations, Motivational speaker
  • Glisha,  A Peace Song, “Sana” or Wish
  • The Wild Moccasin Dancers, “Pow wow carnival” by DJ Shub
  • The Tribal Sisters, Indigenous Murdered and Missing Women
  • Chief Joseph Ambassador of Reconciliation Canada, The meaning of Orange Shirt Day; Residential Schools
  • Princess Margaret High School, Lions’ Bhangra Dance
  • Patrick O’Connor, Global Peace Alliance’s Vice President
  • The Roma Gry, Singing and Danse
  • Global Peace Alliance’s Art Contest, Announcement of Winners and Art
  • Canadian Migrant Workers’ Rights
  • Just Dance,   Taiwanese
  • Cuba, Embargo, Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors, Cuban Music and Dance
  • Annie Ohana on Palestine, Board Director, Teacher, Social Justice Activist.
  • Refugees, Abaho Gift Conrad, Humanity Heart Charity, Uganda
  • The Art of Jackson Crockett, MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN THROUGH ART
  • Peace Song


Day 3

  • Welcome Back, Trenton Pierre, Katzie First Nations, Motivational speaker
  • United Nations 75 Years of Love, The Honourable Mr. Hochschid
  • Lan Joyce, song“Let Us Together Stop Coronavirus”, Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Society
  • Rochelle Prasad, A message of Peace in The Times of Covid
  • UN Covid – Its Impact on Human Rights
  • Mankajee and Bikram Adhikari, Canada-Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society
  • Grishma Bajracharya and Kamla Bajracharya; Newar Dance, Nepal
  • Pratyashka, Traditional Health and Peace Dance
  • Huma Kirmani, Poetry, War and Children, Honorary member of UN of Pakistan
  • Barbara Carter – Poetry, Peace
  • Pratyaksha, Speech, Covid and Peace
  • Global Peace Alliance’s Literary contest, Announcement of Winners
  • Azesta Ballet, Youth Dancers on Peace
  • The Satsuki Kai Japanese Dance Group
  • Balbir Gurm,  Founding member of NEVR  Network to Eliminate Violence
  • Glisha, Scars and Scratches
  • Vi An Diep, Asian long-plucked zither- from SEACHS
  • Friba Rezayee, The Future of Women in Afghanistan, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
  • Black Lives Matter, The Anti-Racism Secretariat, Minister Bardish Chagger
  • Song by Vancouver-born Guyanese artist, Geeta Das
  • Vote of Thanks, President of Global Peace Alliance
  • UN Peace message and song

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