Core Values & Principles


  • Caring for the needs of others and sharing what is available in an equitable manner.
  • Not taking vengeance for past wrongs of others
  • Acting responsibly in a trustworthy and reliable manner.
  • Appreciating the well-being and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own – irrespective of race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, language, culture, or ideology.


  •  The Global Peace Alliance shall always function as a non-profit and non-political organization without any particular religious affiliation
  • One World – One People – One Human Family
  • We humans have the ability to make the world we want. 
  • We humans have to make a choice between self-annihilation through the means of the reason of power and peaceful living through the means of the power of reason.
  • Humans will continue to survive as a species on Earth only if they learn to celebrate their diversity, respect their common values, and to resolve their inevitable conflicts – among themselves, their communities or nations – through non-violent means.
  • The uniting power of love, peace, and friendship is much stronger than that of hatred, war, and enmity.
  • Every human being has the equal right to life, liberty, security, and justice.
  • Respect for individual rights and freedoms requires the protection of all human rights by means of a universal system of justice.
  • The United Nations must be duly reckoned on and recognized by everyone as a legitimate organization of all nations.
  • The shortcomings in the existing global checks and balances and the way they are being enforced need to be duly addressed to ensure avoidance of international wars and internal violations of human rights.
  •  Peace and social justice can be attained only by peaceful and just means, such as education, communication, democratic processes, the rule of law, poverty alleviation and nonviolent protests of wrongs.
  • The world should be free of all forms of weapons of mass destruction.
  • The strategy of ‘deterrence’ with competing powers clinging on to their weapons of mass destruction only keeps the world in tension, fear, and uncertainty, and, therefore, it should be a thing of the past.   
  •  “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing” – Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955).