Decolonization & Anti-Racism

May 26, 2021 Niovi Patsicakis 0

In support of UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP) this guide assists in finding and facilitating decolonial & anti-racist research. Here you will find key resources, search strategies, & additional open access information sources.

Choose a World of Peace Not War

May 19, 2021 Niovi Patsicakis 0

On Saturday May 15th Global Peace Alliance joined over 1000 people and marched in a protest against the bombing and killing of Palestinians and the lack of human rights, expropriation of their lands, denial of medical and covid assistance, denial of an airport, denial of fishing, essentially rendering them living in an open air prison and in an apartheid system within Israel.

A Peace Alternative for Canada

May 17, 2021 Niovi Patsicakis 0

This 8-point program presents a comprehensive foundation for re-orienting Canadian foreign and defence policies based on peace and disarmament, not on militarization, aggression and war. At this critical moment in world affairs as the ‘drums of war’ beat ever louder, we believe that such a fundamental re-alignment of Canadian policy is more urgent than ever.

Racist incidents are on the rise: How to be an active witness

May 14, 2021 Niovi Patsicakis 0

In 2000, after experiencing microaggressions firsthand, Dr. Ishiyama developed the A.R.T (Anti-discrimination Response Training) Program, now in use in schools and organizations across North America. The A.R.T. model describes four levels of witnessing: disengagement or “dis-witnessing”, passive witnessing, active witnessing and ethical witnessing that includes social action and activism, including educating others about social justice issues and the importance of breaking the silence and engaging in active witnessing.