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Tell Transport Minister Omar Alghabra and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the Elbit contract now!

Canada’s Transportation Ministry recently approved a $36.16 million dollar contract for drone technology from Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest weapons company. The money will purchase a “civilian” version of Elbit’s lethal military drone, the same one which was used to kill civilians during Israel’s assault on Gaza in 2014. Through this purchase, Canada directly supports the profits of a weapons company responsible for ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians.

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Nuclear Weapons Petition to the Government of Canada

A nuclear weapons detonation could result in a humanitarian catastrophe so immense that it is impossible to comprehend. The direct effects would be far worse than any pandemic as there is no known meaningful medical response. A nuclear winter could be triggered causing widespread famine throughout the world.

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MP Pledge to Oppose Israeli Annexations

Earlier this year, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his intentions to unilaterally annex huge swaths of the West Bank and all of its settlements, consisting of territory that Israel has been militarily occupying since 1967.

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