Community Conversations – Global Transformation in the Era of COVID-19

Our aim for these discussions is to examine the state of our existence today with COVID-19. Along with a major shift in how we interact, people are coming together in more peaceful ways through mutual aid and collective action for the welfare of the greater good.

This doesn’t come by surprise, COVID has uncovered that our socio-econ norms are filled with systemic inequities and levels of oppression caused by a profits-over-people mentality that maintains state violence and discrimination ( racism, classism, sexism etc.). We don’t have to accept the old normal.

How can we use the practice of peace-building and from the home front to international relations to take us away from deadly racial capitalism, inept leadership, and the rising tide of totalitarian regimes? How do we foster a peace that brings such necessary changes? What possibilities have COVID given us? These issues are becoming prominent as we realize this deadly enemy might be here to stay at least for a while longer.

Please see below for Rules of Engagement

  • Conversations will be facilitated and we will use the chat to moderate speakers
  • Each speaker will have a maximum of 2 minutes.

We welcome people from all walks of life and any experts in the fields that relate to the topic that are covered. Ideas from these sessions will be compiled and submitted to Municipal, Provincial, and Federal governments as policy proposals. Although someone will take notes, Please send your comments to in case you do not get a chance to speak. For the artist in you, we have our yearly art and literary contest starting soon. You can find the details on our Facebook page (GPA Facebook Page)

Week 1 May 21st – Covid19, Health care, World Cooperation, Opening up:
Is the provincial and federal government handling this pandemic well? What can be done better- We have seen sad results from not paying people a living wage, homelessness, suffering by seniors in the community, death of seniors in long term care homes- Are there steps taken during the pandemic that should continue? Will there ever be a normal?


Week 2 May 28th- Covid19 and Family, Mental health.
Families Close – Families Apart which one is yours and how did Covid affect you? Mental Illness and domestic or other violence especially racism are on the rise. Can we stop it?
Is Covid19 bringing peace/meditation or increasing anxiety and disharmony to family life?

Week 3 June 4– Covid 19 Militarized Security and War
We need to look again at Peace Keeping – change to protecting our own, militarized security vs sustainable common security, We saw soldiers helping out in long term homes, with penitentiaries – if we send them to war zones we may not have enough to handles disasters such as pandemics, earthquakes and fires.
Will Covid19 stop wars or increase tensions? Are sanctions acceptable at this time? Is the world facing another cold war? What is Canada’s role?

Week 4- June 11 Covid19 and the Economy
Corporate ownership vs COOPS and worker-owned enterprises, We have seen wealth in the hands of the few so how can we improve life for the many?
Recession bailouts are they for corporations, banks, or people?
How can governments afford them?
How long can we support the unemployed? Do we need to change our economic structures and perhaps go to universal basic income?
How will the economy change if many people continue working from home?
How has globalization caused and or affected the outcomes of this pandemic, do we continue on this trajectory or do we isolate, move towards self-sufficiency.
Is it possible or are we beyond and can’t move out of interdependence.

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