My Homage to A Real Hero who had a Dream – Huma Kirmani


I have written this poem on Martin Luther King Jr.

My Homage to A Real Hero who had a Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr.

His eyes had tears of Jasmine

His smile anticipated hopes for tomorrow

He had a Dream!

A new era of equality

Persuasive to end racism

Human souls are free like birds

Why there’s a cage of vicious racism ?

The three evil  witches perplex human deity

The War

The Poverty

The Racism

Declare such accounts bankrupt inextricably

Unspeakable horrifying wind of police brutality

The victims of creative suffering

Let’s transform the oppression to the oasis of freedom as

Blacks Lives Matter !

Assure  justice a reality for all of God’s children.

Enliven life by riches of freedom and the security of justice.


Huma Kirmani -Pakistan


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