Global Peace Alliance Invites Speakers and Performers for the 2021 Peace Festival

Global Peace Alliance Invites SPEAKERS AND PERFORMERS FOR THE 2021 PEACE FESTIVAL “Give Peace A Chance- Together for a Better Tomorrow”

You are invited to participate in this year’s Global Peace Alliance Festival taking place on a Saturday at the end of September, tentatively the 25th . This is our annual festival which celebrates the International Day of Peace. Our theme will focus on recovering from the pandemic, advocating for a peaceful planet, and climate change.

We are looking for speakers on :

Covid how it has affected marginalized people and what is needed for social and economic sustainability, Indigenous People and Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter, Cuba, Palestine, (any other country undergoing war or upheaval) Migrant Rights and Immigration, Environment, Anti-racism, Present day Imperialism and Cold War, Rise of Dictatorships, Corporate Greed, Profit from War, Women’s Rights, Youth in Crisis. Live on stage performances for speakers are 2-3 minutes.

We are looking for performers in song and/or dance, representing their country/culture with a general focus on love, peace, friendship, equality or on the any of the above themes. Please confirm your wish to attend with name, address phone number, number of participants, short bio (not needed if you participated last year), 2 -3 sentences on your theme. We will be sending out further information once selection is completed, and we know the venue, date, time. On stage performances will be slotted for 10 minutes including introductions and time on and off the stage. (Video performances will be accepted up to 3 minutes length). We hope to have an audience this year. The festival will also be videotaped and shared the following weekend.

Being non-profit our honorariums average $100 per speaker, singer/dancer, 200 to 300 for a group depending on size. The city rules for Covid will be strictly followed.

Thank you for being the peace makers of today. Please contact us via email at

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