A Solution for Peace in Ukraine from the Executive Committee of the Canadian Peace Congress, March 6

Demand an Immediate Ceasefire and Negotiated Settlement!

Preliminary negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian authorities have begun, but so far have only reached agreements to open ‘humanitarian corridors’ for civilians fleeing some of the conflict zones. While this is welcomed the main weakness in this limited negotiation process is that the US, one of the key ‘players’ in this conflict, is not at the table, and has repeatedly shown no interest in achieving a settlement on the big issues which have given rise to this crisis.

To achieve any meaningful progressthe world’s  peace forces must demand that the two main  protagonists, Russia and the U.S., enter into  immediate, serious, and comprehensive negotiations (without pre-conditions) to achieve an immediate ceasefire, the de-escalation of tensions, and a lasting solution guaranteeing the sovereignty and national security of all states on the European continent. 

In our view, this agreement needs to encompass the following: (1) the withdrawal of all foreign troops and military personnel – Russian, NATO and foreign mercenaries – from Ukraine; (2) guarantees of the national security interests of all countries, including an immediate halt to the Eastern expansion of NATO, and its rollback to pre1997 levels, creating a ‘buffer zone’ of neutral states between NATO and the Russian Federation; (3) the removal of all sanctions and other unilateral coercive measures against all states; (4) adoption and implementation of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW); and (5) restoration of the language and cultural rights of the Russianspeaking and other national minorities within Ukraine (subject to international monitoring). While this kind of settlement may well seem implausible and unrealizable, we are convinced that only such a comprehensive agreement can help end the current conflict and create a lasting basis for peace and cooperation among all the peoples on the European continent.

The alternative – a return to Cold War hostilities, economic warfare and nuclear brinksmanship – is too frightening to contemplate. 

For its part, the Trudeau government, which has sadly played a leading role in stoking this crisis and fuelling the flames of war, must abandon this dangerous course, and instead embrace and champion such a path to peace. Canada can show real, independent leadership by rejecting its mindless kowtowing to Washington’s every demand, and by removing all CAF personnel from, and ending all arms shipments to Ukraine, and by withdrawing from the NATO military alliance. 

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