Rich People on a Dead Planet – Vicki Elson

Rich People on a Dead Planet


I miss my beach house – the tide got higher

I miss my country house – it burned in a fire

I miss my yacht — since a hurricane sunk her

I miss my mansion – now I live in this bunker



Rich people on a dead planet

What were we thinking

God dammit


I’m this bunker and the TV is on

We’re watching nature shows cause nature is gone

I miss the elephants, I miss the moose

I miss my private chef, I miss my masseuse




Got lots of money – but I don’t need it

My food is toxic – so I don’t eat it

Got lots of money, but I can’t spend it

Life really sucks since civilization ended




We built a gate to keep poor people away

‘Cept for the help, who just came in for the day

We built a wall to keep the poor people down

And now I miss them cause there’s no one around




We were so powerful back in the day

We told the politicians what they could and could not say

We paid off the leaders at the top of our nation

They kept buying bombs from us, and easing regulations




A little carbon, some radiation

A little warfare and some deforestation

Ten thousand scientists said, stop that you villain

Ten million dollars to another politician




The TV’s broken, now we’re watching the wall

We got no pot, we got no more alcohol

I’m in this bunker with my spouse and my mother

Our kids are stuck here – have to breed with each other




Vicki Elson 2020

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