Some Peace Poems from Mankajee Shrestha ‘Jena’

‘PEACE’ by Mankajee ‘jena’

  1. ‘Peace’ is such a buzz word,

Wanted 24 hours, to the whole world;

Where is it & how to get it?

And how to permanently fix it?


  1. Some think, it is gained thro war,

Others guess it is further far;

Nobody is sure, as to how far,

As if, no short cut clues, so far?


  1. Look! ‘Peace’ is gained through true love,

There are no weapons mightier than love;

Super natural force is inside that very love,

So gain, retain & sustain‘it’only through love.


  1. So, now, how to love might be a question,

Triggering millions of minds for generations;

The only way-is to be helpful & lovable,

Generosity & positive attitudes are desirable.


  1. Look! ‘Loving’ is tax free & easily available,

For the‘love’&‘peace’in this world to prevail;

Let us start loving all, right from today,

And, without any preconditions, all the way.


6 Hey! Nobleness enkindles nobleness,

The more you enkindle, the less the darkness;

But, ‘Power blinds- war mongers’turn‘peace’into pieces,

‘Mongers’ face troubles, but‘peace’lovers have kisses.




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