January 6, 2014


SURREY, British Columbia, Canada

“Strategies of arms regulation and balance of power will not help prevent the next world war and maintain lasting peace,” says author, poet, dramatist, and peace activist Dr. R. B. Herath. “It’s time for a new approach to global peace based on the power of reason – instead of the reason of power.”

Some peace-loving British Columbians have formed a new organization called the Global Peace Alliance, Surrey in search of such a new approach to global peace. Although it is based in British Columbia (BC), Canada, its interests and undertakings are of vital importance to the entire global community. This new Alliance is now fully incorporated under the BC Society Act.

The stated vision of the Alliance is a new world of lasting peace with no more wars. It is a world trusting on the power of reason, justice, democracy, economic equity and environmental integrity. It is also a world where humans celebrate their diversity, respect their common values, and resolve their inevitable conflicts by non-violent means. The declared mission of the Alliance is to empower people and their educational, cultural and other grassroots networks everywhere to build and sustain a culture of peace for generations to come.

“It is so unfortunate that the UN Charter provisions for arms regulation (Article 26) and possible disarmament (Article 47) have simply not worked” says Dr. Herath. If the status quo remains, nuclear and other forms of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will continue to grow in both quantity and intensity. Yet, what has been already stockpiled on the surface of Earth is more than enough to turn the entire human species to ashes in seconds. And, there are also enough conflicts in the world that have the dire potential to trigger the next world war – just as how some isolated conflicts started WWI and WWII. A wrong step by a wrong party at a wrong time is all what is now required. This would then create a perfect opportunity to put to use all the WMD available. Power balancing will be good only until then. Neither the United Nations in its present condition could rescue the world from such a calamity.

This situation presents the biggest challenge to modern civilization. The onus is on us, the present occupants of the planet to overcome this challenge clearly before it becomes too late. The good news is that although it is a challenge that appears insurmountable, we do have the ability to overcome it. All what it takes is our willingness to embrace some basic human virtues that can combat and eradicate the causes and conditions that produce and deepen human conflicts. These virtues are simple as caring & sharing, forgiving & forgetting, acting responsibly in a trustworthy manner, and treating the wellbeing and happiness of all humans just as one’s own. Children, youth and adults all are capable of embracing these simple virtues.

The Global Peace Alliance, Surrey will deliver projects and programs to educate people of all ages about the dynamics of conflict and to spearhead a novel approach to global peace based on the above. This new approach will empower and inspire people to be the change they need with the inculcation of the said human virtues. At the same time, the Alliance will promote and support measures taken by other organizations towards the same end.

The Alliance is very pleased to announce its formation and the new approach to global peace it promotes at this time and calls upon everyone everywhere to start the New Year with a new vision for the future of the world. Thank you.

  • May everyone care for the needs of others and share what is available in a more equitable manne
  • May no one take vengeance for past wrongs of others
  • May everyone always act responsibly in a trustworthy and reliable manne
  • May everyone apprecaite the wellbeing and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own – irrespective of race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, language, culture, and ideology.

Contact for more details | interviews:
R. B. (RB) Herath, PhD – Author of A New Beginning for Humankind: A Recipe for Lasting Peace on Earth (iUniverse, 2012)
President | Global Peace Alliance, Surrey Society
Tel: 604-583-6767 (R) | 604-753-7496 (C)

Prepared by:
Felix Kongyuy, Director | Development
For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
Global Peace Alliance, Surrey
Tel: 604-868-3459

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