Do you agree with DiEM25’s Peace Proposal for Ukraine? Global Peace Alliance Does.

On 24th February 2022, as Russian troops began invading Ukraine, DiEM25 condemned the Russian invasion, expressed solidarity with the invaded, and declared that the immediate task ought to be to work toward the withdrawal of Russian troops under a Washington-Moscow agreement offering international guarantees to an independent, militarily neutral, Ukraine. Anything else, DiEM25 warned, would result in an endless, deadly war in the heart of Europe.

No such agreement was pursued and, consequently, the war in Ukraine is becoming entrenched, with no end in sight, with no proposals actively being tabled on how it might end. To the contrary, both Moscow and Washington are escalating the war, closing down all avenues to any feasible Peace Treaty.

While ending the war must be the priority of every radical humanist, saying that the war must end is not enough. DiEM25 has a duty to put forward a draft of a realistic, and at once honourable, Peace Treaty that is consistent with:

  • Rights and interests of the people of Ukraine;
  • Charter of the United Nations;
  • DiEM25’s and the Progressive International’s Athens Declaration calling for a New Non-Aligned Movement as a bulwark against the New Cold War threatening humanity; and
  • Our Manifesto that aspires for a peaceful Europe de-escalating tensions in its Eastern, Mediterranean and Aegean regions, ending its colonial projects in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere as well as acting as a bulwark against the sirens of militarism and expansionism everywhere.

To this effect, DiEM25-MERA25 are tabling the following Five-Point Peace Treaty:

  1. An immediate ceasefire to be followed by a rapid withdrawal of Russian troops behind 24-2-2022 lines.
  2. The creation of a fully demilitarised zone, 200km on each side of the 24-2-2022 lines, to be monitored by means jointly agreed.
  3. A mutual non-aggression protocol based on the recognition that Ukraine is a sovereign, militarily neutral country that allows no nuclear weapons on its territory.
  4. A governance structure for the Eastern and Southern areas of Ukraine based on the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement to ensure political equality between the Russian and Ukrainian speaking communities.
  5. All parties agree to refer outstanding disputes pre-existing the 24-02-2022 invasion to UN facilitated negotiations.

To make this Peace Treaty possible, and to render it credible for the long term, DiEM25-MERA25 propose that it be debated and concluded at an International Summit, under UN auspices, involving as co-sponsors and co-signatories – besides Russia and Ukraine – the USA, the EU and China. Once it is concluded, all Western sanctions on Russia are to be lifted.

The only alternative to such a Treaty is the perpetuation of a murderous war which can have no final victors but which condemns millions, potentially billions, of people throughout the world to immiseration as well as to a faster route toward climate catastrophe.

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