Global Peace Alliance Festival October 1st 2022

Dear Friends, 

Every year Global Peace Alliance celebrates the International Day of Peace with the multicultural “Give Peace a Chance” festival and acknowledgement of Literary and Visual Arts Contest winners. This year we are excited to be selected to perform at the Bell Performing Arts Centre. 

Global Peace Alliance BC (GPA) celebrates 10 years since it was first conceived by our founder, RB Herath, and community leaders in Surrey! Our vision is a world of peace where humans celebrate their diversity, respect their common values, and resolve their conflict by non-violent means. This year while still reeling from the deadly pandemic, we are faced with more conflict, war, and economic hardship around the world. This festival celebrates and embraces peace, community and non-violent competition like no other! Join us as we urgently call for change and the focus on saving our beautiful planet and humankind. 

Global Peace is a non-profit run by directors/volunteers.

Kind Regards.

Niovi Patsicakis

President of Global Peace Alliance, BC Society

Venue access made possible by Bell. Many thanks to the Bell Performing Arts Centre Community Program and our sponsors!

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