Invitation to Global Peace Alliance Festival October 1st 2022

Dear Friends, 

Every year Global Peace Alliance celebrates the International Day of Peace with the multicultural “Give Peace a Chance” festival and acknowledgement of Literary and Visual Arts Contest winners. This year we are excited to be selected to perform at the Bell Performing Arts Centre. We are inviting you take part with us under the UN Theme, End Racism, Make Peace. Your song, dance or speech should be related to the theme and peace in general – love, friendship, family, forgiveness, kindness, ending war, saving our planet. We are very excited and looking forward to your response.

  1. If you are new and have not previously performed at our festival, we require a short submission of a performance (video or audio) or a summary of your speech.
  2. Once selected, please submit a description of the actual performance you are planning (video if available but not necessary).
  3. You will hear a final acceptance from us by the end of July.
  4. We cannot guarantee the time slot for your performance but it will be approximately between 1:30 to 4:30; we will try to accommodate you.
  5. Length of your performance should not be more than 5-10 minutes, including getting on and off the stage. Timing must be strictly adhered to. 
  6. You will receive 2 free tickets for your guests. Any additional tickets are $5. Free for seniors and children. 

*Performers are asked to stay during the festival and use the assigned seating. The audience and judges will vote for the most artistic and inspiring performances that unite, delight and express a strong connection to our theme. The top performances will receive prizes at the end of the show in in addition to their performance honorariums. Space is limited, so interested groups and performers are encouraged to apply swiftly to ensure their opportunity to compete and share their talents.

  • Let us know as soon as possible if you would like to participate by filling out the application form attached – fill it out as best as you can; missed details can be added later.
  • No rehearsals at the Bell are allowed. Bell Stage information is attached.

CONTEST: Please share our contest poster to your contacts and friends. Deadline to August 15th. See below.

COMMUNITY Tables: If you know of a peace group, organization or a community group or a cultural group that would like to have a table to exhibit artifacts or share arts and crafts, pass the information. Tables may be limited.

VOLUNTEERS: We also welcome and need volunteers for the day. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Global Peace Alliance BC (GPA) celebrates 10 years since it was first conceived by our founder, RB Herath, and community leaders in Surrey! Our vision is a world of peace where humans celebrate their diversity, respect their common values, and resolve their conflict by non-violent means. This year while still reeling from the deadly pandemic, we are faced with more conflict, war, and economic hardship around the world. This festival celebrates and embraces peace, community and non-violent competition like no other! Join us as we urgently call for change and the focus on saving our beautiful planet and humankind. 

Global Peace is a non-profit run by directors/volunteers.

Kind Regards.

Niovi Patsicakis

President of Global Peace Alliance, BC Society

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